Running professional development conferences can be a lot of fun, an enormous challenge, and everything in between! Surely there is a better way?! Will they always be the same? 

What if we designed them with a different lens...


“As new business models supersede the old, and the fast pace of the entrepreneurial playground threatens to completely disrupt traditional modes of working, how then do we ensure that our competencies remain relevant?”   (read more)...

At the Professionals&Practioners Conference Launch&Learn session, we will take a look at this question amongst others to collaboratively devise and design the the next paradigm in conferencing for business Professionals, Practitioners and member-based organisations.

There are many skills required to deliver any project, taking it from initial concept to implementation, it's time-consuming and involves a plethora of skills working together to reach the final business goals.

So, if that’s what’s required in our day to day work, let’s build a conference to match the outcome, from concept to completion.

These conferences also directly support your professional association, as this is a profit-share model for our partnering professional associations.  The more the Association is tagged the greater the benefit, so help them get the most out of these conferences too!

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Meet our speaker for the morning:

Philip Hesketh

Motivational Speaker from the UK. 
Helping people to understand the artistry of persuasion and influence.
For more details see: 

Philip Hesketh    Motivational Speaker from the UK.     On his annual Australian pilgrimage helping people to understand the artistry of persuasion and influence.

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