The backstory

Once upon a time, there was a highly regarded business mentor of Partner&Prosper, we'll call him Peter, who was pretty persistent in his quest for business relevance, resilience and sustainability.

He has been involved in the design of many events (many of whom have become household names), spoken at more than he can probably count, locally, nationally and internationally and raised a whopping amount of money for the communities he's involved with and their events.

So he's been involved in a ridiculous number of events of all sorts, the good, the bad and the ugly, all of which made him pretty qualified to mentor and question us frequently on what we were doing and why. Raising the bar beyond our event flair, strengthening our project management disciplines, refining our business aptitude and qualifying our fiscal governance and responsibilities.

So, with Peter always in our minds, we researched the market, we quizzed the dis-enchanted delegates, we interrogated the organisers, we managed more conferences, we championed our champions, we sought the solace of our master-minders, the economy came, and then it went, and then the time was right!

So, Peter, we thank you greatly for the inspiration, the sleepless nights of planning and re-planning, the motivation for disruption, the fear of the proverbial and the risk, the excitement of making a difference and the challenge of getting out of our own way.

And to our master-minders, you ticked the box of confidence, you added your stakeholder knowledge and experience and helped to take this idea onto the final steps and into full production.